A love story…

“Petal” he gasped with his stiffening mouth in the last throes of death.

“Yes Stuggy?” she whispered in response.

“I will love you until the end.”

“And I you.”

Here we find the sorrowful ending of star crossed lovers, desperately desiccated and lost. Although their meeting and romance was brief, their love will last – brightly emerging from the constricted stifling air of a locked up automobile to the great sky spirit above.

It would never have worked, some would say… it was doomed from the start. Different Kingdoms? That was bad enough! Pshaw! They were opposites from the start!

He was thick skinned and smelly. She was delicate and soft easily pushed around. He would have crushed her heart, she would have flown away in the first passionate breeze.

Yet during the time they had- their love was true, their encounter was destined to breech Kingdoms, Class and Family restraints that those farther from death cannot fathom. What else could they do?IMG_7672