I just watched the press conference video of Trumps first visit to the White House as President Elect. First I watched it with sound. Then I watched it without sound. Two things struck me.

The first was the apparent calmness, so unlike what we have witnessed from Trump in the past year or so. Second was his body language. Trump appears… can I say it, humbled? I don’t think even Trump believed he would win the election and now that he has the reality may be hitting him hard. I don’t know. Certainly I am not a professional political analyst or a body language expert, yet there is something different about Trump as President Elect Trump. Have you noticed? At the very least the fact that Trump referred to President Obama as PRESIDENT Obama for the first time in my memory without a caustic verbal sneer was flooring.

The other thing I saw from Trump was his obvious admiration and respect for President Obama. Maybe we won’t see it again…maybe we will.

In their final handshake, in front of the media, Trump lowered his head. Was it respect? Was it a physical manifestation of understanding that Obama is deserving of admiration? Whatever it was, I saw that Trump’s body language depicted, intentionally or unintentionally, a deferment to Obama. Take that how you want and form your own opinion but that’s what I see.

If Trump felt disdain for Obama his head would have been positioned higher and chin jutted forward, possibly chest thrust outward. But that isn’t what Trump did. He showed respect. His body language accurately reflected his words. He was impressed and truly appreciated their talk. That much is clear.

My observations are just that, observations of what the media allows us to see. To my eyes there has been a shift in Trump. Maybe he is exhausted from months of campaigning and now that the battle has been won he is stepping down from the position of arrogant blowhard that many of us have hated, or trumpeting hero others have loved. Maybe we will see Trump in a way we haven’t before? I can only hope.

I will say here. I didn’t vote for Trump and I did not vote for President Obama. I am a registered voter listed as Unaffiliated. I chose this because I am so disgusted with politics as usual that I don’t want to be associated with any of them. I don’t like politicians. I just don’t. I maintain that “politics as usual” is bad and I am hoping that this new positive side we are seeing in President Elect Trump will continue. I need to believe that he will truly make all U.S. citizens his first priority. I have to hope he will continue to fight anyone, including his own party that gets in the way of this ideal.