I woke up this morning thinking about what I have thought about many times before. Trump is a strong extrovert. Hillary is a strong introvert. This is why during the debates Hillary shone and Trump looked like a dejected 5 year old who hasn’t gotten his way. This is also why Trump rallies were so over-the-top passionately enthusiastic and Hillary’s were more like a college classroom. Their strengths are so different and it showed throughout the election.

Introverts tend to shy away from large public venues but it doesn’t make them shy. Extroverts in contrast, thrive in these same settings. Where an extrovert might go stir crazy after being alone too long; introverts relish the quiet isolation. Reflecting on the bents of the two candidates most impressions the public and media had could be simplified into these two basic personality types.

During a rally, Trump fed off of the crowd’s fervor. The cheers only prompted him to push more and farther, often to the chagrin of those who did not support him. His apparent pompous behavior and the subsequent inciting of anger and violence from both sides made his rallies appear like a scene from a movie version of a KKK lynching. Bear with me. I am not saying he was intentionally racist, sexist or bigoted but many of his followers spouted this type of venom. His reluctance to disappoint his fans portrayed him as a leader of divisiveness. The power and energy of these rallies is indisputable. Trump rallies were impressive. No one can argue that point.

Contrast Trump’s relative verbal ease on the stage at one of his rallies to any one of the debates. His nervous sniffs, his pacing and apparent intimidation like behaviors. He was bottled up and was not allowed audience feedback. He didn’t have the “food” he needed to be energized. He had been described as the kid who didn’t do his homework. He failed miserably.

Hillary on the other hand held orderly and in comparison, calm rallies. Her presentations were organized, respectable and rational. Certainly she verbally poked Trump in the ribs consistently but it wasn’t natural for her. I feel that she might have been much happier just to spout her knowledge and sit down one by one with her supporters and talk about the details. Public appearances are challenging for her.

Many have pointed out that during previous elections Hillary’s numbers sagged. After she won, that is when she shone with a 60% approval rating as a NY Senator. One on one interaction from those who agreed and disagreed with her politically illustrated nothing but respect for her knowledge and ability. Her public persona though feels stilted and fake perpetuating the idea that she is a liar. I won’t even address the gender aspect, women still have a harder time competing in the old boys club. That is a subject for another day.

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Image from Fox News