I am a storyteller. I have always been writing or telling stories from the time I was a small child. Other kids played with toys, I wrote stories. When my son was young I entertained him on long drives with impromptu stories. As my life unfolded there was always a pen in my hand. And when there wasn’t a pen, there was a story in my head waiting to be placed someplace besides my mind.

I “found” the title of this blog while camping alone. Trapped in my tent by a sudden downpour I had rushed and only halfway put away my belongings. I sat in my tent and kept trying to make out the sounds of animals that would be eating all of my food. I realized how futile it was to listen between the loud raindrops, but I tried anyhow.

I finally gave up figuring I wasn’t that far from civilization I could always get more but the phrase “Listening between the Raindrops” kept humming in my brain and it has never left. For me this phrase simply means: An act of attempting to discern what isn’t immediately obvious.

Please enjoy my mental wanderings- I know I do!

Keep listening,